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Cut to Crux “The U.S. and the Philippines”

The diplomatic relationship between the United States of America and the Philippines took to take off in the year 1946.
The relationship between the two was based on the commitment to democracy and human rights but the basic pillars of the US-Philippine relationship were their historically strong cultural connections. After World War ll, in 1951 Mutual Defence Treaty was signed between the US-Philippines, this gave rise to economic cooperation that made their bilateral relationship with each other stronger. The Fulbright Program, the International Visitor Leadership Program and Kenney-Lugar Youth Exchange are some programs which are constantly watering the roots of US and Philipino friendship.
Over the last decade, the U.S government’s goals in the Philippines has taken an interesting turn, they want to unify the democratic governance and to promote inclusively planned development related to security cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region.
Poverty is an eclipse in the economically developing future of the Philippines and so the U.S.A is assisting the government of the Philippines to combat the problem related to employment generation, improving the education system and enhancing the health facilities.

Department of State, Department of Defense, and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) seeks the cooperation of the Filipino government in the Indo-Pacific region also in the Philippines, Peace Corps program is running for over fifty years now and this fully scrutinized by the US government.

The United States is the economic backbone of the Philippines, in fact, the Philippines is fully dependent on the relief packages that it gets from the US from time to time. Recently the US government had done the investment of 27 billion dollars in goods and services trade with the Philippines.

The Filipino government wants maximum economic development including economic recovery, in this, it seeks constant help from the U.S government; whereas for the US government, the Philippines is a country with a total of 7000 Island and is a great strategical position for the US government to stabilize the military base so that it could gain full control over Indo-Pacific region.

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H’Hen Nie “Beauty on Purpose”

Making women realise that they too deserve space in society to “voice their choices” loudly and fearlessly between everyone. ~ This is the story of a Vietnamese beauty queen H’Hen Nie. 

H’Hen is a Vietnamese beauty queen, who won Miss Vietnam 2018 and got right to represent her country in Miss Universe 2018, where she ended up being in top five. She became the first-ever Vietnamese women to get the highest placement ever in the history of international pageantry.

For her, this journey was a roller coaster ride, from fighting poverty to dismantling unjustified society norms she became the real-life living example of leadership.

H’Hen was born in Đắk Lắk to parents Y’Krin Êban and H’Ngơn Niê and is from the Rade ethnic minority in Vietnam; she was raised speaking the Rade language and did not learn Vietnamese until she was in eighth grade. H’Hen is that the third oldest out of six children, and in her youth, she worked on a coffee farm to help her family. As per the Rade people’s matrilineal customs, Rade women tend to start a family at a young age. However, H’Hen refused to follow this tradition and decided to continue her studies at her own expense.
After graduating from high school, then studied a year at Nha Trang National Ethnic Community College before moving to Ho Chi Minh City to study corporate finance at the College of Foreign Economic Relations. She worked as a domestic helper for a year to pay the bills while she was in college. When H’Hen was working as an intern at a bank, she began considering a career in modelling. In 2014, shortly after graduating from college, she was discovered by the Vietnamese designer Đỗ Mạnh Cường while attempting to begin a modelling career. As she gained interest in the industry, she auditioned for season 6 of Vietnam’s Next Top Model in 2015, where she became a finalist. She ultimately placed ninth in the competition.

Understanding her roots and past struggles, H’Hen believes education is the key to finish poverty. She initially committed to donating 70% of her prizes if she won the title of Miss Universe Vietnam. However, after her win, she listened to her mother’s advice and gave away all of her cash prize worth of $10,000 to provide scholarships to students in her old schools after the competition. She hoped her story could inspire children to beat their difficulties and still pursue education. Under her Miss Universe Vietnam reign, H’Hen rallies for support for the unfortunate and for HIV/AIDS victims.

She became a global ambassador for Room to Read in 2018, a non-profit organization focusing on providing resources for girls’ education and literacy programs. As an ambassador, she has raised approximately $20,000 for a project to build a new library in Lam Dong and provide scholarships to girls in Asia and Africa so that they could complete secondary education and develop key life skills. The library was inaugurated in October 2018, housing over 3500 titles for students at Bao Thuan Elementary School and the local community to use. She received “Star for the Community” award at Star of the Year 2018 gala for her charity add Vietnam.

In February 2019, she spoke to 12,000 students at a conference organized by the Francis Padua Papica Foundation in Naga, Camarines Sur, the Philippines where she shared her stories and affirmed her stance on working hard and believing in oneself to overcome struggles. A month later, H’Hen initiated a project that might provide clean water and street lights to people in her village. She hoped to finish the project before she ends her reign as Miss Universe Vietnam in late 2019.

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What could it be?

I may occasionally pause to wonder how this person called “me” came to be blessed with certain good fortune or cursed by certain ill fortune, but as there seems no logical answer to the either, I simply have to thank my lucky stars or bemoan my lot, as the case may be.
In fact, the more I come to consider it, I seem to have to take a lot for granted about the circumstances of my existence; and since so much of it does not appear to have logical explanation, I have to withdraw from such problems and admit lamely: “It just happened the way”.

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Ganga River

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Ethics in Business and Economics

According to Google dictionary we can understand business as “a person’s regular occupation,profession, or trade” whereas the meaning of industry is ” economic activity concern with the processing of raw materials and manufacture of good in factories” ; hence both business and industries are the parameters of development of any concern nation.
Time to time national and international rating agencies like Moody’s Corporation, CRISIL, EODB etc, like many other organizations, rates these parameters of any particular nation. Hence from very beginning business and industries had been subject of rational elements.
Modernization of world symbolises with the development of Industries and French revolution. Industrial revolution was the scientific and commercial revolution which connected hundreds of countries through business and trade. The potential of their development, maintained through the theories of classical economist.
Adam Smith, the father of Economics advocated the theory of “laissez fair” which keeps the development on the basis of market that is demand and supply. On the basis of laissez fair, Western Europe and America raies faults in the area of business and industries, keeping aside the national values, welfarism and finally the “Ethics”.
Ultimately the Juggernaut of business and development crashed the great depression of “1930”. That is also known as the “American wall street collapse of 1930”. The world most developed American economy shattered and witnessed, largest scale of unemployment, poverty, sub-prime lone, breakdown of Industries and so on, that is complete collapse of economic system. Parallely the another world power U.S.S.R under the president “Stalin” with the help of communist ideology and planning mechanism gained rapid growth in the development of agriculture, industries, defence, import-export and many areas of business n Industries. Now after “American wall street collapse of 1930” American economy on the advice of welfare economist “Kens” adopted the policy of “new liberal economy” . Employment generation,agriculture development, soft infrastructure with national values started being promoted. Hence America became the strong economy of the world once again.
Long year ago Neil.J.Smelser wrote a book “Economy and Society” and proved that Economic activities is a necessarly social activities. “Marshall” highlighted the importance of simple economy that is “reciprocity barter” and redistribution in absence of money and market economy.
In contemporary world economic system business and industries have a great association with ethics. Although the ethics are non-economical determinants of development but it matter a lot in any concerned country. Simply “Ethics” include the ‘tit-bits’ of cultural aspects of society but it is deep rooted with “attitude” and “integrity”.

At the time of our India’s freedom struggle the industrialist like K.K Birla, Bajaj, K.C Sen and many more , forgot there business loss and participated and funded openly in freedom struggle. They has shown the ‘integrity’ towards the nation ‘India’ against ‘British’. Cash crop farmers rejected their profits and turned down to food grains production for the mass. In contemporary world, fastest-growing Chinese economy also upkeep their ethical issues in economic development. They do their business in ‘Manderian Chinese’.
India after the second generation economic reform, under the market economy gave rise to a big question related to national ethics and development. Mass scale development displaced million of poor tribes and put community in environment hazard. Recently in Delhi, now in Gurugram and in several other cities, schools are closed due to high level of air-pollution. Under the ‘Globalization’ and it’s culture ‘consumerism’ left all of us in an economy without ethical commitment. “Profit, profit and profit became the mantras of success. ‘Popular Culture’ turned the cultural elements into sellable things. Dharmashala became hotel, clean drinking water supply to citizen became roaring business also the agenda of hundred smart cities will make things more worse.
‘Ritzer’ thory of Mc Donaldization’ crushed the specific regional beauty and concerned ethics. Indians are no more Indian they are now consumer, keeping aside national and cultural aspect we indulge in profit business. Recently, at the hightime tension between China and India, we Indian traders and consumers both happily used Chinese goods in ‘Deepawali’ . Today our business and industrial development go along with political corruption, regionalism, etc . Yogendra Singh rightly highlighted in his book “Globalization and Cultural change”, that how under the globalization Thailand legalized ‘prostitution’ and country like India, with a long civilization and culturally “scared people”, saved economy that revolves round ethics. Singapore and other economic tigers becaome dependent of America. But till now India remains India with ethics and integrity. If we go on defining “Ethics” then it’s meaning is o”the branch of knowledge that deals with moral principles” and so developing country like India needs “Ethics” in Business and it’s Economic activities so that 360° development could be possible and soon we could became world power.

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Don’t miss the positive

Most of the people you work with or live with are negative people. They look at the faults; they pick out the shortcomings; they point out the defects; they shot the flaws; they focus on the wrinkles;they check the stains; they look for the negatives.

They miss everything that’s positive and great.

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You have Faith.

In the darkest time, tell yourself that faith will move the mountain! Faith will help and faith will heal, but you must not give up believing.

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Realm to Live

Some of the people spend most of there lives living in that past arena of bad news, something that happend to you yesterday is past! Expect good things to happen to you today and live high! Live in the realm of good news!
Don’t live in the realm of bad news!

The realm of good news leads us to positive mental attitude and the “positive mental attitude ” can transform situations and experiences in life into great possibilities.